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    1. City bus is a newly developed product in Zhongtong basing on the features of intercity traffic.
    1. Group bus is particularly used for intercity bus. The group bus is equipped with luggage compartment.
    1. This bus is equipped with the engine from well-known brand, providing strong power for long-distance driving.
    1. Its ultra-powerful battery contains 350 Kw·h of electricity, assuring the coach to run over 150 kilometers with the A.C. on and 250 kilometers with the A.C. off.

Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd. is a Chinese bus manufacturer in Shangdong province. We have had over 50 years of experience in manufacturing express bus, passenger bus, tour coach, public transport bus, group bus, commuter bus, school bus, and more. Our over 50 years' experience teaches us how to manufacture high quality motor home, hybrid bus, pure electricity bus and more. Due to our commitment to quality, our buses are awarded with ISO9001 and 3C certificates and are increasingly demanded in countries like USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Russia and more.

As a China-based bus manufacturer, we benefit a lot from the lower labor cost, material cost and land cost. Our access to many transportation possibilities like airport, port and highway further reduces the shipping cost. Therefore, we are able to offer you high quality buses at a lower cost. Please contact us for more information.